Cloud-Based Employee
Management Solution

Organize your workforce effectively wherever you are.

Our solution focuses in businesses with small to medium scale offices and enterprises with multiple office locations. Our goal is to assist the companies run and control the attendance workforce effectively without compromising the accuracy of the data.

WHY BioTimeCloud?

High-level Security

With AWS cloud storage, you can make sure that all your data is highly secured and protected.

Easy Setup

No need to worry about setting up a costly physical server. Access real-time data anywhere.


Have a growing workforce? Upgrade your storage needs without purchasing and installing expensive upgrades yourself.

Structured Data

Data stored in cloud offers consistency in employee and attendance records which can avoid human errors.

Cost Effective, All Inclusive

Subscription includes time attendance & access control functions, mobile app, and updates.

Online Service & Support

Having issues? Get help from our dedicated and well-trained support team with no additional charges.

FEATURES that makes our solution effective

Real-time employee location tracking

Assign your employees to work in multiple workplaces and field locations and monitor them through BioTimeCloud. Know their exact location real-time when they punch in the mobile application.

Attendance policies management

Set pay code, overtime rules, holidays, shift schedules, and cycles for your employees. Monitor your employees timecards shown in the daily activity dashboard and mobile application.

Hassle-free attendance reports generation

Generate your employees attendance reports directly without a need of waiting. With BioTimeCloud, you can generate reports in real-time and export in ready-to-print PDF or Excel format.

BioTimeCloud APP

Cloud-Based Management Mobile Application

Effective employee
workforce management solution.

Select the perfect plan for your business

90-day free trial.

Up to 10 employees

$ 9 /month

• Includes up to 10 users
• Includes Web and Mobile Access

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Up to 20 employees

$ 19 /month

• Includes up to 20 users
• Includes Web and Mobile Access

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Up to 50 employees

$ 49 /month

• Includes up to 50 users
• Includes Web and Mobile Access

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Up to 100 employees

$ 99 /month

• Includes up to 100 users
• Includes Web and Mobile Access

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Up to 200 employees

$ 199 /month

• Includes up to 200 users
• Includes Web and Mobile Access

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